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Debt Relief is Available Now

If you feel like your financial troubles are closing in on you, C.E. CRAIG AND ASSOCIATES INC., can provide advice and assistance. If you are considering a consumer proposal in British Columbia, you already know that living with debt is not easy. Drawing on our professionalism, knowledge and experience, we can help you turn your financial situation around.

For more than 15 years, our customized debt relief solutions – from bankruptcy services to debt consolidation – have helped 100’S of people in Victoria, Duncan, Mill Bay, Sooke, Gulf Islands, Saanich, Brentwood Bay, Sidney, Langford, Oak Bay Esquimalt, and surrounding areas achieve financial stability. Take action now and schedule a FREE, confidential consultation with us now and see how we can help you address your debt situation.

You could benefit from our services if:

If you can’t pay your bills, you are not alone. Almost everyone reaches this point at one time or another. Like most of them, you may think the only way out in Canada is bankruptcy.

Alternatives are available to help you get out of financial debt.

Don’t HIDE from your creditors or payment obligations

Some disreputable agencies advise that you should simply stop paying your bills and hide from you creditors for as long as you can and hope that they don’t find you. This is not addressing the issue and can just make things worse in the long run and make you feel that you have never truly gotten free of your financial burdens. You will always be hesitant to answer your phone or open your mailbox.

If you are unable to make you payments one month, this is usually what will happen:

Your best bet to make things better is to act immediately. Let us help you choose your best solution.

How our Debt Relief Solutions can work for you.

As alternative solution to those individuals who don’t want to declare bankruptcy and have some income available to their creditors at the end of each month, but not enough to pay all of the creditors in full, is a consumer proposal. When you file a proposal your local trustee in Victoria British Columbia will talk to your creditors to arrange a single monthly payment for a set period of time. The maximum period of time is 5 years, however, most proposals last less than this time. There is no interest charged to you once you file a proposal thus your payment reflects only the principle portion of your debt that you have agreed to repay.

Discover your options today by calling us for a FREE, secure consultation with a local C.E. CRAIG AND ASSOCIATES INC trustee in Victoria British Columbia.

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